"Call me" actress talks about role

Johanna Goldsmith (courtesy Linda McAlister talent)
Johanna Goldsmith (courtesy Linda McAlister talent)

The woman who spoke the words "call me" in an infamous Republican attack ad against Harold Ford, Jr. is speaking out about her unwitting role in the 2006 election campaign.

In an interview with The Tennessean, Johanna Goldsmith, an actress from Austin, Texas, said it was just another acting role.  "For me, it was just a job like any other," she is quoted as saying in the article.

Goldsmith told the newspaper she had promised to keep quiet about her role until after the election, but was surprised people took the ad so seriously.  Goldsmith said she had plans to catch up on news broadcasts about the advertisement that she recorded, and had received calls from friends as far away as Australia that heard about the controversy.

The Tennessean article says when she is not acting, Goldsmith works as a Spanish translator for a Texas doctors' association.