Bullet-proof bible

Bullet-proof bible

A tiny bible is being credited with saving a Florida man's life.

Bill Henry was at work Monday in Jacksonville when he said two men approached him while taking out the trash at his job.  According to Henry, one of the men shot at him.  He thought the shots missed, but later found that one round hit him in the upper chest.

Henry thought the shots missed him, but one round actually hit him in the upper chest.

"We got to looking and that's when we noticed the two bibles in my shirt pocket were hit with a single round," Hentry said. "It went through this bible and split the back, and it compressed the second bible and smeared the New Testament printing at the top of the bible."
Henry was not seriously injured.  He said he doesn't normally carry a bible, but on Monday he was returning the books to a friend.

No arrests have been made in the case.