Students charged over their Myspace pages

A popular website is causing controversy after some Mid-South students were charged with assault for their words.

The story stems from some Brighton High School student pages on and the parents who are fired up over what they call harsh charges.

We were upset because he was charged with assault," said Don Barnett, whose son Chris and fellow 10th grader Kevin Black used the internet to suggest that certain teachers give higher grades to female students who wear provocative clothing.

Initially, they were cited for giving out false information and suspended for five days.

"He took his down on Thursday," said parent Dana Black. "On Monday, he was called into the office. They had no proof of his website at all. It was all hearsay."

Parents are outraged over a subsequent letter from the board which cites the students with assault, a charge that could result in their expulsion.

"Our boys here are not alternative school candidates none of them are I mean this is ridiculous, my son has perfect attendance," said parent Robin Barnett.

On Thursday, parents walked out of a disciplinary hearing when they weren't allowed to appear as a group.

No one from the Tipton County School system was authorized to speak with us on camera today. We did speak to the head of Pupil Services, who said that would have to come from the Superintendent of Schools. He was out of town.

Parents say the charges violate first amendment rights because the websites were created on home computers away from school.

This afternoon, the students were readmitted to Brighton High School until the matter is resolved. Parents say they will take an attorney for the next hearing which was reset for next Thursday.