Golden Virgin Mary

Golden Virgin Mary

A search for gold in the Arizona desert recently lead to a divine discovery.

Small cases holding tiny gold nuggets represent four years of endless gold digging in the Arizona desert, but a year ago, Burton Klatt's collection got a lot more interesting.

"We got a very unique piece," he said.

The Sun City resident was out prospecting with his brother near Wikenburg when he found a funny looking small gold nugget that he thought resembled a horse.  But when he brought it home, his wife Carole saw something more fascinating.
"I looked and right away I seen it was the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus," she said.
The family magnified the image on paper and saw the Madonna and child more clearly.   Weighing less than an ounce and smaller than a BB, the nugget has been popular among family and close friends. After a year of keeping it to themselves, the couple decided to share it with others.
While neither claims to be very religious, the piece has given bolstered their spirituality.

"We weren't religious before, Burton said. "I'm a believer, but this helps out,"
All thanks to what could be considered a very small miracle.