Stern Cardiovascular is the first cardiology group to obtain breakthrough "VeinViewer" technology

Subjecting patients to less trauma is one more step The Stern Cardiovascular Center has incorporated into their enhanced care protocol.  Recently the Center purchased the most innovative technology to date in locating a patient's veins.

"The VeinViewer enables us to locate a patient's veins with accuracy so we are able to test their blood with as little discomfort as possible.  Drawing blood with usually one stick now gives the patient less stress," says Judy Jackson, Director of Clinical Operations for Stern.

Developed by Memphis-based Luminetx Corporation, the VeinViewer is the only device of its kind to locate veins and reproduce and exact image that is projected onto a patient.  This makes the process of inserting needles and catheters more efficient and less traumatic for both the patients and the clinicians.  Reducing the "guesswork" for the clinician while locating a vein, the VeinViewer increases confidence and reduces the anxiety for both the clinician and the patient.

The Stern Cardiovascular Center performs approximately 50,000 vein punctures annually.

"As a cardiovascular center whose patients are being treated for heart-related medical reasons, it is important to keep stress issues at the lowest possible level.  We feel as the first cardiovascular center in the area to purchase the VeinViewer, we are offering our patients the optimum comfort and convenience," Jackson further explains.  "The expense was not the issue, rather a service to our patients."