Memphis City Schools Report Card

The Tennessee Department of Education gave Memphis City Schools Ds in math, reading and social studies, and an F in science for overall achievement in kindergarten through 8th grades.

Memphis got the same grades for achievement in 2005.

Officials for the school district say those grades won't last forever.

Alfred Hall, Chief Academic Officer said, "This report card shows that we're not where we want to be as a system, but it does give us signs that quality learning and teaching is taking place when you look at the amount of growth."

Students did better than they did the year before.

The district got high marks for progress, with Bs for Math and Reading, and As for Social Studies and Science.

Here's how students performed in each subject:

Seventy-eight percent of elementary and middle-schoolers are proficient or advanced in math, as are 66 percent of high-schoolers.

In reading, 80 percent of kindergarten through 8th grade students and 87 percent of high schoolers are proficient or advanced.

Officials say it will get better by aligning Memphis' curriculum with the state's through continued professional development and accountability.

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