Tipton County 911 Problems

There are concerns tonight about getting an emergency response in a life or death situation.

Some people in Tipton County are worried about problems with the dispatch center. Delayed responses, wrong locations, lack of information -- they are

complaints voiced this week about Tipton County's dispatch center.

A former employee says the problems need emergency attention!

A former dispatcher says, "the officers are at risk because they're not getting the right information."

She says she worked for Tipton County dispatch and witnessed problems first hand, "sending units out to the wrong locations. If your husand is laying on the floor and notbreathing in Tipton County the ambulance is sent but if your somewhere else you'll get instructions on how and try to keep him breathing until an ambulance gets there. She says the team needs training.

Mike Taylor is the board chairman for the county's emergency communication. He says, "we're having growing pains obviously. Our people are overburden and we admit that we need more dispatchers."

He insists the county's growth is skyrocketing and they need more money for more people and better.

"Our pay is at $23,000."

Whether it's salary, staff or training -- all agree issues need to be resolved at Tipton County's dispatch center -- before those issues have fatal consequences.

Emergency leaders will target the communities they serve, to foot the cost for a better dispatch center countywide.