Roller Derby Comes to Collierville

t's not exactly the 1970's, but Roller Skating is becoming popular once again!

But, this isn't just skating.

One look at the crowd at Funquest Lanes and you know something DIFFERENT is going on.

It's the inaugural meeting of the Memphis Roller Derby League.

60 brave women have banded together to form 4 teams.

Sam Red founded the league after seeing an A and E Special.

Red satys, "There's women from all walks of life...professionals to stay at home moms.

The object of the game is to not let the "Jammers " past you, those are the people with the stars on their helmets."

And if someone gets in your way...well it's time for them to take a tumble.

'Nicknames are a big part of roller derby. The women come up with their own unique names that are very out of the ordinary.'

Names like Sidless Nancy and Duchess de Muertas.

If all goes well, the women we'll take the show on the road next Summer,

But for now, Funquest Lanes will do.