Shoppers wait days to buy Playstation 3

Dozens of Mid-Southerners lined up for a chance to buy Playstation 3, the hottest new gaming device due to go on sale Friday.

They'll spend two nights in the cold to get this year's hottest toy and set up camp for first dibs on Sony's latest invention, the Playstation 3.

"We're going to camp out till Friday we're first in line and we've got a nice little tent going on here so we're just going to try to keep warm," said Derrick Pessaro.

At the Wolfchase Target, campers were hedging their bets on who would take the first one home.

"We're going to launch it [Friday.] Its going to be the hottest thing in gaming going on, it's just going to be a very limited quantity," said David Randall with Target at Wolfchase.

So limited that Memphis stores will stock fewer than 40 units. And, in many cases, interest in the P3 is more for profit than play time.

"I'd like to sell it on Ebay," said one buyer.

Its no wonder, the $500-600 dollar systems have been fetching thousands during presale auctions.

"We've been checking them out and they're going for about 2300 dollars a piece," said another shopper.

"I let my son down last year for the 360 this is something that I truly want to make it up to him," said Jerry Hughes.