Coupon queen

None of us likes to grocery shop knows we can save big. It's possible to save $20, $40, or even more if you know where to look for money saving coupons.

Lisa Carberg found a woman who's saving thousands of dollars every year.  Charlotte Abbott is coupon crazed.
"You get a lot of 'oh I never do that, no that's too much work.'"  Not so says the lifelong clipper who visits up to three grocery stores a week and travels with tools.

"I don't think people realize that there are coupons out there for almost everything," she said.

Charlotte stashes away an average $500 bucks a month in coupon savings.  "I had one year where I saved,  just at Stop-n-Shop alone, $11,000."

So how does she do it? First she says it's a matter of knowing where to look for coupons, and not just in the Sunday paper. She gets tips from a magazine called 'Refund Cents,' a sort of cult of coupon collectors.  One couponer will talk to another couponer, and from there word of deals spreads like wildfire.

"Someone posted that Wal-Mart has kids glasses, 2 pairs for $88," Abbot said.

Most of her discount dirt comes from a few choice websites.  She spends about a half an hour online once or twice a week searching for savings. She says on average there is a five cent shipping and handling fee for each one.  "I can go online and find the 50 cent coupons, the 75 cent coupons that when I take them to the store, they're going to double," she said.

What a lot of people don't realize, according to Abbot, is that stores will double, or even triple, coupons less than a dollar. Here's a little secret: If the coupon code begins with a 5, it will double, if it begins with a 9 it will not. So there may be something to the coupon craziness.

"Oh I think it's fun," Abbot said. "I feel like I can beat the store at their own game."