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Email mistakes

It's another Monday morning and your email box is overflowing. But before you begin shooting off replies, know this:  Many workers make email mistakes that could cost them. 

Pamela Holland wrote the book on career limiting moves, and offers tips for creating smart emails at the office.

First, when it comes to form, pretend an email is like any other business communication.  Be concise, and only mark an email "urgent" if it really is.  Creat a subject line that summerizes th eemail.

Next, if it is an emotionally charged situation, do a couple of things: Wait 24 hours, get a different perspective, and then only send the email if it is relevant an appropriate.  You should also let a trusted co-worker review your email before you send it.

Also, when you are writing an email, don't send anything inappropriate.  Ask yourself, "Would I be embarrassed if this email was read out loud on TV?"  If the answer is yes, consider a revision.

Finally, Holland's most important tip of all:  Never email while multitasking.  She cites examples of where someone wrote an email slamming a client, and accidentally sent it to the client instead of their co-worker.

For a more in depth look at email ettiquette, including examples of what not to do, click the video link on this page.

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