'Heroes' preview

NBC's show about ordinary people with extra-ordinary powers is striking a chord with viewers.  "Heroes" now ranks among the top new dramas on television.

"Heroes" takes place in settings all around the globe, but special effects magic turns many southern California locations into diverse global destinations.  In fact, much of what you see on "Heroes" is not what it seems.  All the special effects are nothing new to star Hiro Nakamura, who in real life is a gifted special effects computer programmer.

"I was fortunate enough to be working for "Industrial Light and Magic," which is George Lucas's special effects company," Nakamura said. "I had a very good understanding of how to visualize things that aren't there in 3D, so that has definitely helped in terms of my acting."
"Each episode of "Heroes" takes about 8 days to shoot, at an average cost of $3 million.  Tonight's this episode alone shot at 5 different locations simultaneously.

"Heroes" airs Monday nights here on NBC, and you can read a comic-book version of the show at NBC.com.

For an extended video preview of tonight's pivotal episode, click the video link on this page.