Viewer email: What about "912" for non-emergencies?

The following was sent to us in an email from Matt in Arlington, TN:

What is the feasibility of creating a non-emergency number such as "912"?

The number "911" was only designated as a countrywide emergency number in 1972.  "The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recommends that 911 be implemented nationwide."(

Multiple emergency numbers are not new.  As an example, in Germany the emergency numbers for Fire and Medical - 112, Police - 110 (

I'm sure many people call 911 for non-emergencies due to laziness, lack of a phone book nearby, or constantly changing City/County boundaries - "Now do I need the non-emergency number for MPD, Millington , Bartlett , Germantown , or the SCSO?"

It is just so easy to call 911 to report a suspicious person, for a welfare check, or to report a theft.

For the general public to start using a non-emergency number, it must be as easy to remember as 911.

Arlington , TN

What do you think?