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Mall safety tips

  • Try to shop when the mall is less crowded -- during the weekday, or at night when malls stay open late for holiday shoppers. Avoid the weekend rush, when it's easy to lose children among crowds.

  • Don't dangle your handbag from your shoulder. You are creating a perfect setup for a purse-snatcher. Instead, keep your purse tucked tightly under your arm, or better yet, don't even carry a purse. Wear a fanny pack facing the front instead.  Besides allowing your hands to be free to hold onto or carry your child, you'll eliminate the possibility of leaving your purse behind or having it stolen.

  • If you use pockets, place your checkbook, cash, or credit cards in your front pockets. Only bring one or two credit cards and a limited amount of cash with you.

  • Spread your money around in different pockets. That way a pickpocket can't clean you out in one fell swoop.

  • Avoid carrying your checkbook, cash, and credit cards all together in one wallet, because a thief who gets the whole package together can cash checks with your identification and run up a large credit card bill in a short amount of time. Keep your keys separate, too.

  • Don't "flash" large rolls of money in public. You never know who's watching! 

  • Check to see you've been given back your card once you've paid for what you bought.

  • Watch your credit card slip being filled out - and make sure it's not passed through the machine more than once. Ask for your carbons.

  • Destroy the carbons, but keep your credit card receipts and check them against monthly bills.

  • Make a list of your major credit cards, their account numbers and the phone numbers to call if cards are lost. Keep this list at home.

  • If you're not sure a shopping bag will be available, take one of your own to the mall. 

  • Consolidate as many packages as possible, or make several trips to your car to deposit packages in the trunk. Don't allow yourself to become so burdened down with packages that you become a tempting target.

  • Avoid carrying large, heavy packages that block your vision and make you a target for purse-snatchers. 

  • Keep an eye on your child. It's okay to let children look around and have fun while they shop, but they also need to understand that it's important to stay near their parents. 

  • Bring a babysitter, friend or older child to help watch your youngest, especially when waiting in long lines. 

  • Teach your son or daughter what to do in the event you get separated. The best option is to instruct your child to look for a security guard or police officer, or go to the customer service desk where people are trained to help.

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