Marion Police make one of history's largest drug busts

Marion Police say their tracking dog discovered high grade marijuana concealed in an 18-wheeler that was supposed to be carrying a load of pecans.

Police say the occupants of the truck were headed for Virginia.

"This is a new crop of marijuana and it probably came out of Mexico," says Capt. James Wilson, of the Marion Police Department.

"The load, it wasn't hidden very well. The boxes didn't match the other boxes that were in the load and it kind of stuck out as soon as I got on top of the load," says Wilson.

Two El Paso Texas men, Jose Gallegos and Felipe Avila, were arrested. Police also confiscated their truck.

James Harden's wrecker service towed the truck. Harden helped officers unload the truck and is thankful to police for putting a dent in drug trafficking along Mid-South highways.

"No sir it ain't going to be the end of it, but it will cut it down a little bit, maybe, but it ain't going to be the end of it, says Harden.

And police agree with Harden.

Officers say that the pot confiscated would have gone for 600-dollars a pound on the street.

Once the case has been settled, all of the marijuana will be set on fire and destroyed.

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