Husband accused in teacher's death in court

Jeffrey Scott talked with his attorney Leslie Ballin as he appeared in General Sessions Criminal Court.

Ballin entered a not guilty plea to first-degree murder charges in the Thanksgiving Day beating death of his wife, Bolton High English teacher, Ashley Scott.

"This is something that came out of the blue. Young people married six years from what I understand; there are some things we are investigating," says Ballin.

Ballin would not say what he is investigating.

Friends of Ashley Scott say the couple had problems, and she had left her husband more than once.

Karen Cook, who heads the Domestic Violence Division in the prosecutor's office, is handling the case for the District Attorney's Office.

"I just came here to find out what is going on and to make sure it is handled right," says Cook.

Cook would not give details of the case.

The affidavit of complaint says the couple got into an argument about a text message Ashley received.

"That text message will hold answers if there was an argument, and what it was about," says Cook.

The affidavit says the couple argued about the message and Scott hit his wife.

Ashley Scott died from blunt force trauma to her head.

Police say that they have never been called to the couple's Cordova house in the past.

Jeffrey Scott's father was at the hearing. He would not say much.

When Jeffrey Scott's father was asked how he has been affected by the tragedy, he says, that it's been worse than horrible.

Ashley Scott's father and sister from Louisiana stopped by her house. They did not want to talk.

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