Ashley Scott: Friends and students get the news

Gena Baxter was devastated to learn her former teacher, Ashley Scott, was murdered. She shares her story.

"I'm in college to be a teacher right now and just the fact that something would happen to someone this kind, it's really sad," says Baxter.

She says the Bolton High School teacher was her mentor.

"When I first heard what happened, I went immediately to find a picture," says Baxter.

A picture, Baxter says, that tells how the Bolton teacher lived her life.

Baxter adds, "I looked at the board behind her and it just talks about how you shouldn't let anger rule you and especially, you know, the way in which she died."

"It's one of those cases where you have what appears to be the perfect couple. Living in the perfect house, perfect neighborhood. It just shows us that none of us are immune to violence," says Baxter.

Baxter hopes this never happens to anyone else.

"It's you know, she's continuing to teach her lessons though she's not here to teach it."

She hopes Scott's memory will help others.

Other Bolton High school students touched by their English teacher, also grieve with the pain and pride of knowing that Ashley Scott will not be in class on Monday.

"I wanted so much to be like her. I would look at her in class and think, I hope I grow up to be like her," says Morgan Furr, Scott's former student.

"It's like losing a best friend at school," says student Dee Dee Dillard.

"We're not going to be able to walk into Bolton and not think of her," says Dillard.

The outpouring of emotion suggests that Ashley Scott went beyond the role of a teacher.

Students say that Scott was always in the hallways.

Students sought out her friendship.  In class they asked for her advice and guidance.

"She was a star in the hallway, and if anybody was being made fun of, she would stand up for them," says Morgan Furr."

Students like Robert Mobley had transferred English courses just to have Scott as a teacher.

"It was fun, it wasn't like, oh, we got to go to class. It was more of let's go have fun in Ms. Scott's class."

Students are trying to learn another life lesson from their friend, even after her death.

"She impacted us so much and now it's our time to impact the world," says Mobley.

Meanwhile, on the street where Scott lived, nieghbors are still in shock after learning that Ashley Scott was murdered in her own home.

Denise Hernandez suspected something awful when she saw Scott being brought out of her house.

"When they came back out they were breathing for her with an ambi bag. They had four I.V's in her," she said.

Police say Ashley Scott was severely beaten. Scott's husband has now been charged with first degree murder in the case.

Police are investigating whether a 2 a.m. text message sparked a fight Thanksgiving.

Friends, who did not want to talk on camera, tell us the couple had problems in the past.

Investigators say Scott's husband called 911 asking for an ambulance saying only that his wife was unconscious.

Memphis police director Larry Godwin lives down the street from the Scott's.

"It wouldn't have been prevented by a police officer standing out in front. It wouldn't have been prevented because I live around the corner. It's sad we have a couple caught up in that," he told us.