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Ashley Scott: Friend of murdered teacher says she has emails detailing abuse

Elizabeth Scism has had many sleepless nights since the murder of her close friend, Bolton High School English teacher, Ashley Scott.

She's now compelled to speak for Scott, now that she cannot speak for herself.

Scism last heard from her friend through an online instant message.

"The last thing she said to me was, "Hey," and I didn't have time to respond and that bothers me because I don't know if maybe she needed help or something," says Scism.

Scott's husband, Jeffrey, is charged with murder after she died from a blow to the head Thanksgiving.

Scism has a stack of emails from Scott indicating her husband had beaten her several times.

"And she said that if it ever happened again, she was gonna leave and when it happened again was a few days ago," says Scism.

She says police asked her not to share detailed content of the emails.

Scism describes Jeffrey Scott as controlling and says that he was someone who wanted his wife to stop teaching.

She says he would fly off the handle over the small things.

Scism adds, "Like a microwave door misfunctioning, or the TV buttons misfunctioning."

She says, the couple was getting counseling.

"I think that she stayed because she loved being part of a family, and she didn't have a family."

Scism says with a troubled home life, Scott's students brought her comfort.

"They really were the highlight of her day and they just didn't know it," says Scism."

Scism hopes the information she shares with police will bring justice to her friend's memory.

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