Ashley Scott: Hundreds gather for morning vigil

It wasn't how Bolton High School students expected their day back from Thanksgiving vacation to start, gathered around a flag pole holding a vigil for their murdered teacher.

Chris Minton is a student at the school. "Real sad. It's horrible losing one of your teachers and a lot of kids really were close to her. It's like family," he said.

Several hundred students and faculty members gathered at six thirty Monday morning.

They brought flowers, candles and signs.

One student even painted a picture of Ashley Scott who'd taught at Bolton for nearly four years and was murdered on Thanksgiving.

Police have her husband in custody.

Counselor Dee Dee Lunsford says students organized the vigil.  "They've had their own little network going on from MySpace to cell phone. They got this thing organized and it was done in such a mature way," she said.

Scott was extremely popular and was involved with student organizations according to Principal David Stephens.  "She was a mentor to a lot of the people. I think the kids could relate to her," he said.

If her death was in-fact a result of domestic violence, Principal Stephens hopes Ashley Scott might have taught her students one last lesson. "Any student down the road that was in that situation could look back and say, 'I remember miss Scott and maybe I need to look at what is going on with the road I'm on. That those things could happen."

As the vigil wrapped up, students headed to class knowing one of their favorite teachers would be forever absent.