Peete and Ford accused of taking money to influence legislation

The Federal Affidavit of Complaint claims Council members Rickey Peete and Edmond Ford took money to influence legislation.

Specifically, item number 51, which appeared on the council agenda back on October 3rd, for the development of storage warehouses, and a billboard South of Steve Road and North of I-240.

A plan that was rejected by the Land Use Control Board and the Office of Planning and Development.

The resolution passed by a vote of 9-2.

Nine board members voted in favor of the resolution. Chumney and Scott voted against the plan.

We asked Scott McCormick if the council should re-examine that vote.

"I think it's a good question that we should go back and ask the legal department. What's the status on that legislation that we voted on," says McCormick.

Carol Chumney also voted against the resolution, but says the city could get sued by the developer if the council reverses its vote in the zoning case.

"The other issue is, are there the votes to do that. It still passed nine to two. So even if you took away the council members' votes who were alleged to have took money, you still have seven votes for it," says Chumney.

The federal complaint claims Edmond Ford promised the informant he would drum up seven votes, or he would make somebody walk out during the vote.

For now, the resolution allowing the development of that tract of land between Steve Road and I-240, stands.

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