Train derailment leads to chemical spill

Several tanker cars derailed Tuesday morning on Presidents Island, causing one of the tankers to spill a chemical.

Firefighters working at the fire station across the street from the derailment were in position to respond immediately.  "Throughout the city we've got fire stations strategically placed and in this incident it worked out well for the community," said Lt. Keith Staples.

EMA crews as well as police shut off the area and identified the chemical leaking from one of the tankers as Sodium Bisulfite which is very hazardous if someone has direct contact with it.

Lt. Staples says workers at nearby companies were told to stay inside "Employees are safe staying in the facility or the place they're in opposed to coming out and being exposed to any of the elements from the product."

A lot of people work on Presidents Island and are surrounded by stored chemicals as well as those brought in and out by trucks and trains. Presidents Island worker Luz Stump says she feels safe here, "Each one are given instructions in case of emergency on what to do. So we are all prepared for an emergency."

Shortly after noon, crews were able to move in and start the process of getting derailed cars back on track.


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