Cloud of public corruption looms over Shelby County

A cloud of public corruption is looming over Shelby County; troubled elected officials bear a common thread which is impossible to ignore.

Rhodes Professor Charles McKinney doesn't hold the answer to the riddle of race in Shelby County.

He says citizens must be able to trust their elected officials as well as the government agencies monitoring them. Specifically, McKinney says, the FBI.

McKinney adds,"What does it mean that the vast majority are Democratic or, perhaps more importantly, are African-American.

"If somebody is targeting Democrats, the vast majority of them, that's going to mean one of two things: one, they're targeting Democrats, and two, they're targeting African-American Democrats. If that is, in fact, the case," says McKinney.

McKinney says that this case is another unfortunate example of the peeling and stripping away of public trust.

He says that nobody wins when that happens.

McKinney adds that critical inquiry of the public process is not only crucial, it's a citizen's civic responsibility.

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