Commissioners Focus on County Clean Up

Shelby County Commissioner Henri Brooks says more can be done to clean up certain areas of the county, "I believe the time table needs to speed up. People have been complaining for a long time."

Last month, Brooks led fellow commissioners and some county workers on short bus tours of each district.

Brooks says it didn't take long to find problem areas, "you have appliances being dumped, you have old mattresses being dumped, you have needles. And children play over there mind you"

Brooks has learned Shelby County has owned numerous plots of land that are considered neglected and she wants them to clean up.

Brooks is working with the city to compile a list of neglected properties, put them in order of priority and get something done, " We need to have the county to cut, clear up, tear down and clean up."

It's clear at least some Shelby County residents, like Amelia Byrd, are glad the county is cleaning up, "People come through and think their car will be stolen and hurry up and lock their car and things like that because of the way the neighborhood looks."

Brooks says she plans to bring her findings to the full commission and hopes to make the district bus tours a regular event.