Fight at Frayser High School lands students and parent in police custody

Memphis Police squad cars litter the Frayser High lawn where just minutes earlier there was chaos.

"We were just trying to get control of the situation and keeping it from getting bad," says Lt. Maurice Savage with the Memphs Police Department.

Inside the school, a female student was caught with a knife. Outside of the school, female students were fighting.

"I was coming from out the building and the girl ran up on me, and I had to defend myself," says student Brittany Brown.

Brown says a group of her classmates attacked her, but she wouldn't say why.

"The stuff happened some weeks ago, but the girls escalated it to today," says Brown.

Brittany's mother heard about the fight and went to the school.

"She seen a crowd of kids fighting and she wanted to make sure her child wasn't in it, but so happened her child was, and like any parent would do when their kid is fighting or getting jumped, they gonna get in it, it just go down like that," says Brown's father.

Brittany's mother was arrested, along with her sister, after getting into a confrontation with police.

Rebecca Parks is a Frayser High parent who says she's fed up.

"This is not unusual, it happens all the time up in here," says Parks.

Parks adds, "It makes me sick knowing that there is fights that go on. No one, gives a ****. The school system; nobody cares."

A statement from Memphis City Schools reads in part:

"We are about the business of educating students and ensuring they reach their highest potential. We hope that our parents support us in this goal and model the same kind of positive behavior that we expect of our students."

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