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1910 Frame Works

Glynn, LinD, and Davey Weakes Glynn, LinD, and Davey Weakes
Brothers Davey and Glynn Weakes, along with their sister, LinD, all but stumbled into the framing business some 27 years ago.

While pursuing a degree in business at the University of Memphis, Davey worked at two different area frame companies with several friends from Greensboro, North Carolina. When his friends decided to return to Greensboro to set up the 1910 Frame Factory, Davey went along for the experience, followed by younger brother Glynn when he finished high school in 1975.

Persuaded by their mother to come home, the boys returned to Memphis and, with sister, LinD, set up shop. The 1910 Frame Works opened their doors in 1977. "It was scary, but exciting," says LinD. "We put in a lot of late hours, and for a bunch of young people, we got off to a pretty good start. When we first opened, we didn't have much money to spend on advertising, but word of mouth was great. We opened at the right time. Everything seemed to fall into place."

Originally set up across the street, the family-owned business now operates out of a restored residence at 2029 Union Avenue. Walk in and it feels just like home. Likely you'll find Glynn laying out a job on the design table in the main room, while LinD attends to administrative details or sales. Davey, serving as foreman, will be found running the shop or building frames and molding.

A noticeable feature that sets 1910 Frame Works apart is the openness of the shop. "People can walk through and see our work, see their work actually being made, and see how framing is done," says Glynn. The family also distinguishes itself in the framing business is by keeping current on the latest trends. "We pride ourselves on staying up to date with framing trends,"states Glynn. LinD adds,"Rather than just your plain old double mat, we try to be a little different." Glynn continues," When people come in and aren't sure exactly what they want, we try to work with them and try out different things. We have lots of new mat boards and new frames come out regularly. We offer lots of variety."

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