Blue Crush helps MPD snag burglary ring

Police say seven people are in custody following an arrest outside a home on Wolf Trail Dr. in North Memphis.  The individuals are suspects in a series of home break-ins in that neighborhood and the bust is a result - they say - of an effective use of crime statistics.

According to police, air support spotted the burglary occurring and police were able to catch the burglars while they were still in the home.  Statistics from Operation Blue Crush reportedly helped police allocate better resources to this particular neighborhood and may have facilitated the arrests.

Officers say as far as burglary take-downs go, this one was a big one.

"We arrested seven individuals, recovered property from numerous burglaries, electronics, drugs and weapons," Inspector Mark McClain.

"The aviation unit was flying over - observed the subjects taking items out of the house on a street south of this location," he said.

Investigators say the helicopter pilot watched burglars take valuables from this house on Pafet Cove and then run across the back yard to burglarize a home on Wolf Trail.

After the suspects got busted and sat in police cars, they got a tongue lashing from the owner of one of the homes broken into.

Neighbor J.W. Smith was loading up this U-haul at his house across the street.

He said its about time something was done about all of the break ins. His home has been hit 4-times this year.

For Smith, all that crime was just too much. As police questioned suspects, he and his son packed up this moving van and left for good, victims once too often.


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