Mid-South's Biggest Loser: Lori Urlich

Here is why she wanted to be one of The Mid-South's Biggest Losers:

"I am currrently going through preliminaries for bariatic surgery. I would love to try to avoid the surgery if possible. I have heart disease running up both sides of my family. I want to live. Some of my motivations are that I am my children's only surviving parent. I want to be around for my grand daughter. I always knew heart disease ran very stronly on my father's side of the family. On my mother's side I have a 60 something aunt who has had triple bypass and more recently my favorite Aunt died on 2-10-2006 of a heart attack at 64 years of age. I am 42 years old. I want to be around for more than 22 more years. The only health issues I have had thus far is bursitis in my knees and mortons nueroma. I would take full advantage of the personal trainer and of the great YMCA facilities. I have had a membership there before. I recently moved back to Millington. The YMCA has much to offer. We did a version of the biggest loser at my work and I won. It would give me extra incentive and motivate me to lose."