School Bus Drivers Suspended After Multi-Bus Crash - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

School Bus Drivers Suspended After Multi-Bus Crash

Four Shelby County School bus drivers were at the scene of Monday's crash.

Today, two of them have been cited from police and are off the job. Mike Tebbe with the Shelby County School District says that's routine, "Anybody when we have an ongoing investigation, they are suspended from driving while the investigation is ongoing."

Tebbe said one driver has been with the district three years, the other just one, "The two individuals, up until yesterday, had a clean driving record with Shelby County Schools."

Like all Shelby County school bus drivers, they went through a series of checks and training exercises before hitting the roads.

Before being hired, each driver gets a criminal background check and driving record check.

They also must pass a drug screen.

Newly hired drivers go through twenty hours of training and they get periodic brush up courses.

Shelby County school busses driver more than three million miles a year and school district leaders say it's important to realize Monday's crash is the exception not the rule.

As far as the question of why most school busses don't have seat belts?

Tebbe says studies show students can actually get trapped by belts.

He also say current busses are built tougher than a regular vehicle, have high padded seats and are safe.

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