Iverson Goes to Nuggets

The NBA Sweepstakes to sign All-Star Guard Allen Iverson are over..

The Winner, the Denver Nuggets...and Memphis fans who like to see "The Answer"

in person...

Iverson's trade to the Nuggets means he'll play the Grizzlies here at FedExForum twice since he's now in the Western Conference, rather than one time with Philadelphia.

It also means both Iverson and Carmelo Anthony will be on the court at the same time here.

Anthony 15-game suspension for that weekend fight at New York ends before the Nuggets make their first appearance at FedExForum January 22nd.

They'll play again here February 26th.

The Nuggets give up guard Andre Miller, Forward Joe Smith, and Two-2007 first round draft to get the 7-time All-Star.