Ford's hole-in-one

It was a magical moment at Colonial Country Club in Cordova.

It was June 8th, 1977.

President Gerald Ford was playing in the celebrity pro-am leading up to the Danny Thomas Memphis Classic.

On hole number five, Ford was playing a par-three. 157-yards. President Ford took out his 5-iron and hit a hole in one.

It was the shot heard around the world.

Dick Davis was there. He not only heard it, he saw it. "We were jumping up and down..everybody was screaming and hollering," he recounted.

Davis was a volunteer security escort for President Gerald Ford. He was standing next to the green on hole number five and saw the President's ball roll right in for the hole-in-one.

"There wasn't a lot of cameras or pictures taken of that particular shot only a few of us actually witnessed it...quite a shot," he said.

There is no video of the hole in one, only pictures of what happened after the fact.

Of all the pictures, Davis' favorite is the one that features him with Mr. Ford.

"Today is a very special day. We're all a little sad about that," he said of the former President's death.

Henry Hooper of Memphis has quite a few pictures on his wall too. Hooper was a secret service agent for President Ford. He remembers Ford as a kind man.

"There were times on Saturdays when football games were on I was standing outside the door as most agents were. He would open the door and we would watch the game together," said Hooper.

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