Missing Dogs Reunited With Owners

The barks Vicki and Gary Hester heard Friday morning were the sweetest sounds they'd heard in a while, "I just grabbed them and they were like 'I don't know what happened. We're just glad we're going home."

The Hesters three Schipperkes, who weren't allowed in the hotel, were stolen from their van Thursday morning at the Hampton Inn at I-240 and Perkins.

Even more troubling, the dogs needed medicine or they would die.

That's when Vicki Hester called us, "You guys ran the story and I know people had to have seen it. We know people are watching your station."

In-fact, Gary Hester, says at one AM Friday morning, a man walked into the Hampton Inn and said he'd seen a tv news story and knew where the dogs were, "He said he didn't want us to think badly of all the people in Memphis so he said he knew where the dogs were and wasn't involved in it."

The dogs were found in Whitehaven at a dead end road, in their crates, hidden in some bushes.

All three are doing well, though they're skittish.

Vicki Hester wants to thank everyone who helped bring their babies home, "You were the first one out and all the TV stations worked together, there were radio stations, the Humane Society, all of our pet rescues."

Now that their back together, the Hesters say they'll never leave their dogs in a vehicle again and only stay at a hotel where pets are allowed.