Interim Grizzlies Head Coach is Fun For Grizz Players/Fans

It's One win and One loss so far for New Memphis Grizzlies head coach Tony Barone.But even as he works on an interim basis, his fast paced approach to the pro game may give Grizz players and fans a chance to dub Barone the Baron of Basketball on Beale Street.

Tony Barone's run and fun style has shown immediate results.

The Grizzlies scored 110 points in his first game, 109 in the second.

The players are enjoying the change and having fun again.

Guard Chucky Atkins says:

<'Guys are having fun and eager to get into games. I mean we go to Houston the top defensive team in the league and score 109 points so we're feeling pretty good about ourselves.'>

Forward Mike Miller has scored 59-points in the last 2-games...

<'It takes some getting used all the running up and down but we like it. That's what he wants us to do is push the ball back at them.'>

A quick check of practice shows Barone Barking orders like an NBA veteran head coach:

<'Don't quit stop running! Hack,  are you on vacation?'>

He's picked up the pace at practice as well, preferring shorter but more intense workouts.

Barone says the players like it that way.

<'Well you can't expect to play in games like this and not practice that way. It would be ludicrous. Almost like taking a test without doing your homework. So we definitely need to have a much crisper practice.'>

They've scored a bunch of points with Barone calling the shots, but they've also allowed a lot.

Both Toronto and Houston scored over 100, something he wants to improve upon.

<'Our defense has been spotty but that was expected. We have to adjust to the running on the other end.'>

The Grizzlies play 5 straight at home starting Wednesday against Golden State.