Attempted Armored Car Robbery Leaves One Man Shot

Investigators and witnesses say a guard for Loomis Fargo was leaving this Mapco Express with a bag of money when a man tried to grab the bag. Annie Dockery saw it all, "I heard some shoot, pop and I look around and seen them tussling and I ran behind my truck."

Investigators say the robber sprayed the guard in the face with tear gas.

That's when Dockery says the guard grabbed for his gun, "The guard shot and looked like he shot him right here then when the guy broke and ran the guard shot him again in the leg."

C.M. Sturgis with the Safe Streets Task Force]Police said the guard's actions are a normal response in that situation, "You consider it lethal because the next step for the robber, we have to assume he'd have to take his weapon."

According to witnesses, the robber dropped the money bag and jumped in a white Ford Crown Victoria. Minutes later the car was seen at the intersection of Wagon Trail and Ridge Road.

The robber who'd been shot was tossed into the street.

Police found him and took him to the MED.

Dockery says she thought the man was acting strange when she saw him at the store, "He had been in and out of the store several times so it was like it was going to be either the store or the guard so i guess he took the best one."

One that ended with him empty handed, in the hospital and his get away car companion on the run.

If you have information, call CrimeStoppers at 528-CASH.