Letter from Jenks' aunt

Jenks and wife Sarah Beth
Jenks and wife Sarah Beth
Jenks and wife Sarah Beth
Jenks and wife Sarah Beth

This is a letter sent to WMCTV.COM by a family member of Trooper Calvin Jenks:

Our family was blessed when Calvin recently became the husband of our
Sarah Beth.  We enjoyed our family holiday gathering, realizing the
risks of Calvin's profession, but never dreaming that we wouldn't
have many more years to spend with Sarah Beth, Calvin and hopefully
their future children. 

Our hearts are broken, but we want others to know of the price that was
paid by this wonderful young man in his effort to keep our community
safe.  Through his job, Calvin experienced first hand the destructive
nature of drug use and the horrendous effects on children and families.

Hopefully, his death will in some way lead to a reduction in lives
destroyed by this evil.  Calvin is a true hero- never asking for praise
and attention, just humbly going about his day to day work to make this
world a better, safer place for all of us.    

In lieu of flowers, the family is requesting that contributions be made
to the Trooper Calvin W. Jenks Memorial Fund at any AmSouth bank. 

Aunt of Mrs. Calvin Jenks (Sarah Beth)

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