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Wooded area near Raleigh-Egypt High is the scene of sex & drugs

Action News 5's Nick Paranjape vistied a wooded area, about 3-to-5 acres of land, next to Raleigh-Egypt High School; an area commonly known as "the cut".

Many students use the path as a "shortcut" to get home. Others use it for something else.

Justin Hunter, a senior at Raleigh-Egypt High, walks through "the cut".

"I kept hearing the cut, the cut, the cut. I said wait, wait, what is the cut," says Memphis City School Board member, Stephanie Gatewood.

Gatewood eventually found out what it was and what happens there.

"Gang initiation, smoking, sexual intercourse. Pretty much anything you can think of that's not positive," says Hunter.

Hunter along with other students and faculty brought up their concerns of this area to Gatewood.

"This area is one of the most popular for the wrong reason among our young people in this community. It's been a nuisance for a long time," says Dr. Oscar Love, Raleigh-Egypt Principal.

Love says police recently arrested six students in "the cut" after a gang-related fight.

Love adds, "when the police are after them, they just come running through here. There are so many paths they can easily get away."

Gatewood is now on a mission to clean up the area of all the trash and graffiti.

"It's going to take a lot of hard work, sweat and tears," says Gatewood.

It's also going to take a lot of help.

Students from District 1-which includes 5 high schools- the teachers, the parents and the community will meet Gatewood in "the cut" Saturday to do their part.

"For the next 13 weeks, I have dedicated to my students that we're going to come out and clean this up," says Gatewood.

All in hopes of building camaraderie among the students, not rivalry.

Now, Gatewood's goal is to actually bulldoze the place down and clear the entire area.

Gatewood is reaching out to businesses in hopes of getting some help.

If you would like to help in any way with this project, contact Raleigh-Egypt High School at 416-4108.

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