New Information on the man accused of deadly hit and run in court

Terrance Whitelow, wearing a blue jail jumpsuit went before a judge facing charges he hit and killed a child and left him to die.

His attorney, Scott Hall, says it isn't true, "He's absolutely claiming innocent in this case."

Acting on a tip, police on Wednesday found the truck they say hit 12 year old Martez Stewart.

Thursday, Hall says Whitelow walked into a police station, "We came down to give a denial. We were not going to make a confession. He was not turning himself in. We were coming down to talk with them because we knew they had his name associated with this by some way."

But police arrested Whitelow.

Hall says an affidavit claims witnesses and physical evidence tie Whitelow to the truck, "He never got the chance to make a statement. All they wanted to hear was whether or not he did it. When he told them he didn't he was placed under arrest."

A truck his attorney says he doesn't own.

Whitelow's attorney says his client does have an alibi for the day of the hit and run. He would not tell us what it is but says it will be revealed in court soon.

Scott Hall had a comment for the family, "I would like to say to the victim's family we are in now way trying to be disrespectful. It's a tragedy and our hearts go out to them. But Mr. Whitelow is not guilty of this case."

A judge set a one hundred thousand dollar bond for Whitelow.

Whitelow was also in county court today on 4 charges of animal cruelty and 7 counts of animals with no vaccinations.

Investigators say they found seven dogs in his backyard earlier this month and that four were underweight while two of the seven had scars and cuts consistent with dog fighting.