YOUR TURN: Herenton scolds local media at conference

Now it's "Your Turn" and this edition of "Your Turn" goes to Memphis Mayor Dr. Willie Herenton.

Dr. Herenton last week welcomed people from all over the country who were attending the National Conference for Media Reform.

The people attending the convention were generally unhappy with the news media and the Mayor joined the chorus, singling out the local news media.

"Maybe you will gain some respect for diversity," he said to members of the Memphis press corps in attendance and in general.  "Maybe you will gain some respect for media that understand that this is a changing landscape, that in the near future, there will be people that are African-Americans.  There will be women.  There will be Asians who will occupy positions of leadership and power and deserve media understanding and respect."

The Mayor also said the news media often fails to report an honest representation of the truth.

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