Had enough of the crime?

WMC-TV Anchor Joe Birch has been "crime tracking" Memphis neighborhoods for years
WMC-TV Anchor Joe Birch has been "crime tracking" Memphis neighborhoods for years

Had enough of the crime?  Heard about it enough?

We have too.

We're taking back our neighborhoods.  It begins now.

Raymond Brady's story may have been a - if not, the - tipping point for us.  Brady was walking his dog one morning a few weeks ago when he was shot and killed during what still appears to be a random robbery attempt.

The hideous stories about heinous crimes - sometimes random, often not - seem to be growing in number.

Although we have, traditionally, spent a lot of time researching these crimes and following the often frustrating searches for suspects and tireless prosecutions of the accused, violent crime remains an ugly part of the fabric of many Mid-Southern communities.

We want it to stop and we know you do too.

That's why we're launching the Taking Back Our Neighborhoods project and working with some of the area's most powerful and influential civic groups.

We'll go into neighborhoods for town hall meetings, we'll go to other cities in search of crime fighting techniques that work and we'll give a helping hand to community groups that are already making a difference.

We're bringing our massive resources to bare because it's time we dig deeper, time we do more and time we connect with you on a more meaningful level to help clean up our streets.

There are many ways to connect with us:

  • Send our assignment staff a story suggestion about interesting crime solutions being used in your neighborhood.   Click here to do that.
  • Share your opinions about our crime coverage and tell us how we can make it better.  Click here to do that.
  • Leave a comment below and engage in a conversation with other users of WMCTV.COM and viewers of Action News 5.

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