MY TURN: Gale Carson's pension fails the smell test

WMC-TV 5 V.P. & General Manager Lee Meredith
WMC-TV 5 V.P. & General Manager Lee Meredith

We all want to have confidence that our elected officials are good stewards of our tax dollars and that they're running our governments in the public interest.

Lately, it's been hard to have a good feeling about the decisions made by our leaders for the City of Memphis.

One of the latest assaults on common sense is the decision making that led to Gale Jones Carson being able to collect a retirement pension from the city while working at the city-run utility, Memphis Light, Gas and Water.

Amazingly, Carson used her earlier work at MLGW to qualify for the city pension while at the same time starting a new job back at the utility.

The new job at MLGW pays $126,000 a year and the lifetime pension Carson is now receiving gives her another $27,600 a year.

This entitlement is the result of the incredibly generous "12-and-out" rule that's now been repealed, but Carson and 300 other city employees were grandfathered.

This one does not pass the smell test.

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