Winkler pics: Judge will be briefed

It's impossible for those who supervise Mary Winkler to keep track of her 24 hours a day. So, they take notice when pictures like the ones we aired surface. And the Tennessee Board of Probation and Parole plans to share what we found with the appropriate authorities.

"Make sure the judge is aware of the stories that were done and see what he wants to do," say spokesman Jack Elder.

In a pre-trial supervision order, Winkler agreed not to drink alcohol in excess or enter an establishment whose primary purpose is to sell alcoholic beverages. The New York Grill in downtown McMinnville, where the pictures were taken on New Year's Eve, is licensed as a restaurant. Witnesses say she was drinking. Whether or not she was drunk is another question.

"But the ultimate decision about any changes in the order would be up to the judge," says Elder.

"It's really not right to expect her to become a hermit," says defense attorney William Massey.

Like those representing Winkler, Massey is a high-profile defense attorney. He's not surprised the curiosity of state investigators has been piqued by these pictures.

"I feel very certain that if there was anything wrong with her conduct, that they would call it to the court's attention," says Massey.

Meantime, he has some advice for Mary Winkler.

"Listen to what her attorneys tell her to do and use good discretion," says Massey.

He believes a client's activities are always a concern.

The District Attorney General prosecuting the Winkler case tells Action News 5 he has made the TBI aware of our story. If there is evidence that Winkler violated her bond, the DA says he will push for it's revocation.


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