YOUR TURN: Patricia Dickerson defends Gale Carson

Now it's "Your Turn" and this edition of "Your Turn" goes to Patricia Dickerson.

Dickerson was one of several people who wrote to defend the City of Memphis pension given to Gale Jones Carson. Carson was given a lifetime pension from the City of Memphis while at the same time starting a new job with the city-run utility, MLGW.

In Patricia Dickerson's words:

There seem to be some haters out there. Did you say that she is in compliance with the law that had been grandfathered in? If the concern is about her going back to work at MLGW, well is there some law that says she should not be allowed to come back? If there is no such law, well what is the problem? This is the 21st Century. This happens with other companies where employees come back after receiving a retirement pension. GET OVER IT.

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