Chumney enters the race for Memphis mayor

It's official.

Memphis City Councilwoman Carol Chumney announced she's running for Memphis Mayor.

"I'm stepping up to the plate, I want to be the mayor of Memphis and I want the support of the people," she said late today.

Anyone else looking to throw their hat in the ring has about five months to file a petition.

Carol Chumney now joins incumbent Mayor Willie Herenton, going for a fifth term.

In January, Herenton welcomed any challenge. "We'll see if there's some people who think they can do this job better than I do, want to offer themselves for candidacy I wish them well," he said then.

Optometrist Mark Roudebush has also confirmed he wants to run City Hall.

Former Shelby County Commissioner John Willingham is planning to make his announcement Saturday. This will be his third attempt. Willingham was a candidate in the city's Mayoral race in 2003 and again last year for county mayor.

There continues to be speculation on whether Former MLGW President Herman Morris will throw his hat in the ring.

He dodged the question last week. "When the time is right and we've reached that critical decision we'll let everybody know. (you can't say yes or no?) I can but I'd say we'll let everybody know. (but, but are you running?) I thought you just asked me that? (i'll ask it again) Oh, then I'll let you know, laughs," he said last week.

The Mayoral election is October 4th.

Memphis City Council Chariman Tom Marshall says he's being "encouraged" to run.

He wouldn't comment any further.