Ice Closes Major Bridges

This pick-up pulling a trailer barely made it over the Hernando DeSoto Bridge into downtown then slid and blocked the ramp.

Eventually, the bridge was closed just before six AM.

Don Strahl was one of the many stuck, "I've been travelling this road for thirty years and I have never seen that bridge totally locked up."

Strahl was one of the many parked in downtown Memphis waiting to cross the bridge, "I've been in contact with my office and nobody else is there either."

With freezing rain and sleet falling, both the I-40 and I-55 bridges were closed, considered too dangerous.

Out East the 240 flyover backed up then closed after an accident.

Then a flyover in Midtown was blocked by both a semi and a sideways SUV.

Peggy Yoder And her husband waited for several hours trying to get to West Memphis and drop off two dogs on their way to a shelter in toasty Arizona, "Yeah, I'm waiting for the truck to show up with the coffee donuts. Booming business this morning."

A TV kept trucker Terry Negunst entertained as he waited to get back on the road and dodge cars he says were going too fast, "City police told me to get off the interstate and on the side streets. So here I am parked here."

Eventually both bridges were treated by TDOT and reopened.