Grandmother of victim beaten at school turns to church for help

Last weel at Hillcrest High School, a student was attacked by 15-to-20 suspected gang members.

Now, the victim's grandmother, who's a teacher at Hillcrest, is turning to her church for help to stop the violence.

We talked to the student who was beaten, but for his safety, we will protect his identity.

We'll call him Billy.

Billy suffered a busted lip, scratches to his face, and a gash on his forehead after being jumped by suspected gang members at school.

"I remember the guys confronting me about it," says Billy. "I'm still taking everything day by day. I'm still watching out for myself."

Billy has to, because his life has been threatened.

His grandmother, Linda Hayes, lives in constant fear for her grandson.

"Looking behind me, everytime I hear something on my street, I'm looking out the window to see who's out there," saus Hayes.

Hayes turned to her church for help, "can it be stopped I don't know. Can it be contained, maybe so," says Hayes.

Dr. Brenda Webster is an Associate Pastor at Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church.

Webster wants to join forces with other churches in finding ways to keep gang violence out of schools.

Webster invited the Reverend Dwight Montgomery to speak at her church this Sunday.

Dr. Montgomery is President of the SCLC and responsible for putting forth gang initiative programs like Operation Take Back.

"We need to call all these faith based institutions together with the cooperation of law enforcement officials and the corporate community to take these neighborhoods back," says Montgomery.

"I know sometimes people think you live in a black community we all know this, but I didn't come from that background," says Hayes.

Billy will stand in front of the entire church on Sunday to tell his story.

The Reverend Dwight Montgomery will speak at Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church on Sunday at 10AM.

The focus will be how to keep kids safe at school.


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