Residents in one Mid-South neighborhood concerned with excessive traffic

If you drive around Southaven, it's hard not to notice all the land for sale for commercial development.

The area is booming and residents of one neighborhood are fine with that. What they don't want is a car dealership. Car dealerships run all along Goodman Road in Southaven.

A few miles away, Anders Lee walks out of his house and sees drivers going through his neighborhood for a test drive.

"They come through at a high rate of speed. They run our stop signs. It's a through street where police are not known to be," says Lee.

For that reason, Lee is absolutely opposed to the possibility of a new car dealership being built even closer to his house on this piece of land.

He says he already sees anywhere from 10-to-12 cars a day from local dealerships passing through.

Lee adds, "a dodge came through at a high rate of speed. I had to holler at my kids to get off the road."

Lee says with a new dealership, traffic would increase in the neighborhood.

However, Realtor Chuck Roberts, who represents the owners of the land, says a car dealership would actually do the opposite.

"Even with test drivers and people looking for new cars, a car dealership is still on the low end of traffic generators," says Roberts.

Something like a medical complex, which Roberts says is a possibility to go in, would generate three times more traffic due to the high number of employees and patients.

Roberts says the 125-acres of land may also be sold to a shopping center or an office building.

As for Anders Lee, he wants to meet with the neighborhood association and try to get a few of the entrances blocked off to keep traffic to a minimum.


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