EXCLUSIVE: Prattville Woman Knew Anna Nicole Smith

Prattville, Alabama - In an EXCLUSIVE interview, a Prattville woman says she is Anna Nicole Smith's former sister-in- law and best friend.

Jo Mclemore says she and Anna Nicole married the Smith brothers. Mclemore and Smith became friends instantly. The two were even pregnant at the same time. Both woman eventually divorced their husbands, but remained friends.

Mclemore remembers smith as a loving and hard working person.  She tells our sister station in Montgomery, "I knew what a precious person she was, and please do not judge her if you didn't know her or go by what you see on tv and rumors and things like that. She was a wonderful person. "

On Thursday, a Florida judge appointed an independent administrator to make recommendations on various issues, including Smith's burial. Smith's companion and mother are fighting over control of her remains.