YOUR TURN: Outrage over Edmund Ford's non-payment of utility bills

This edition of "Your Turn" goes to J. Wheeler and Nancy Rhoads.

They're just two of the dozens of people who wrote to say that they are outraged by the latest scandal rocking Memphis City Hall. Indicted City Councilman Edmund Ford has been allowed to ignore his utility bills from the Memphis Light, Gas and Water Division, the city-run utility.

J. Wheeler wrote, "I think every homeowner and business owner in Memphis should be on the steps of MLG&W protesting this outrageous act. Everyone else gets their utilities turned off when they are two payments late."

Nancy Rhoads emailed, "MLGW President Joseph Lee should be fired if he gave special treatment to Edmund Ford, but nothing will happen. These things are reported and no one does anything about them.  I bet he is not the only one who is getting special treatment."

That's from J. Wheeler and Nancy Rhoads.

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