Family seeks justice six years after tragic killing of store owner

Collierville Police say George Walker called 911 before someone killed him in cold blood.

Now, more than six years after the murder of Collierville's first African-American Alderman and police officer, Walker's family wants justice.

Action News 5's Ben Watson takes an in-depth look at the George Walker murder case.

George Walker was working at his convenience store when he got shot. Six years later and there are still no arrest in the case.

We take you back to the scene of the crime in hopes a family's plea can help catch a killer.

When George Walker was shot, the city of Collierville went into mourning.

His son Ricky Walker still feels the pain, "the way he died hurts, and no one being held accountable hurts even more."

"And the robbers entered and basically just shot my dad, attempted robbery and killed him for no reason at all," says Walker.

Police say just before Walker was shot, he called 911 to report a robbery.

"Somebody out there knows who committed this murder - somebody knows who these individuals were and we are asking them to come forward and assist us with that," says Collierville Police Chief, Jeff Abeln.

Investigators hope showing pictures will keep the case on the minds of Mid-Southerners and encourage anyone with information to come forward.

"But I do hope to arrest his killer before I pass. I want to know who killed him. I want to know why," says Walker's widow, Adell.

Adell Walker still works in the store where her husband was murdered.

We interviewed her in 2004. These days, it's too difficult for her to talk about the case.

"Its a living hell, it's a living hell that's what it is, and you don't know who did it. It's a living hell that's what it is," says Walker.

Walker adds, "it's just like his life is not worth anything and you look at Collierville is today, and he help set the foundation for what Collierville is today."

Rickey Walker says the community won't be at peace until there is an arrest in his father's death.

He's hoping publicity about the case will weigh heavily on the mind of the murderer.

"How would they feel if I took their family member, loved one. Guilt should be eating them up. It's not right to take a human life period," explains Walker.

Here is some information police hope will lead to an arrest in the case:

* Walker was killed December 9, 2001, at his store on West Road in Collierville.

* The shooting happened around 6 p.m.

* While the motive was believed to be robbery, no money was taken.

* Shortly after the shooting, a small gold colored vehicle was seen leaving the area.

If you know anything about the murder of George Walker we urge you to call Collierville police at 457-2540.


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