MLGW "list" raises new questions about favorable treatment for politicians

The FBI is investigating whether indicted Council member Edmund Ford received favorable treatment from MLGW.

Now, a list created by the utility company raises new questions of other people who may have received favorable treatment without them ever knowing.

It's a list of powerful politicians, names like Edmund Ford, Willie Herenton, Myron Lowery and Jack Sammons.

Former Council Members like John Vergos and Pat Vander Scaaf are on that list. The list include people apparently protected from ever being disconnected from MLGW.

"My ultility bills are automatically deducted from my checking account, so I've never been late. So, there would be no reason to put me on a list," says Councilman, Myron Lowery.

Lowery says he's never heard of the list, didn't ask to be on one and has called for an investigation into this practice.

Lowery adds, "this appears to be a very old list.; my name was tied to a vice president of costumer service who has passed away."

A spokesperson for Memphis Gas Light and Water released a statement Sunday to Action News 5.

In it, Gale Carsen said "Council members and others did not know that this list existed and that they were on it. This list is years old done prior to Joseph Lee's appointment in 2004."

We also contacted former MLGW President Herman Morris who released a statement to Action News Five.

He says, he was not aware of any list, and did not know how it came about and that his regime ran the utility company above board and with integrity.

A list drawing more questions and criticism from a utility company under a federal investigation.

It's important to emphasize that MLGW's spokesperson says the people on the list did not know the list existed or that they were on it.

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