School fight may have racial overtones

One after one, parents went into Raleigh-Egypt Elementary Monday morning wanting answers after several students were attacked Friday. Maria Perez has a sister at the school,  "Many kids were calling their parents in the morning around nine o'clock so they could pick them up."

A police report shows the fight started at a party in this apartment complex last weekend.

Because of a misunderstanding, two students, one black, the other Hispanic and both reportedly in gangs, got into a fight.

The fight was broken up but the students ran into each other last Wednesday in the Raleigh-Egypt Middle School lunchroom and reportedly exchanged racial slurs.

Then on Friday, nine Hispanic students at Raleigh Egypt Elementary were attacked by black students from the Middle and High Schools.

Monday morning, principals from all three Raleigh-Egypt schools met with parents and members of the Hispanic community including parent Rosa Ramos, "This problem is coming every year. Every year it's the same. It's still problem with my child and everybody's child Mexican."

One of the biggest problems parents see is having so many schools so close together especially having older kids so close to younger ones they can so easily pick on. Ramos is among those who share that sentiment,  "They should keep the high school kids away from the little kids."

While police investigate and look into a possible gang connection, school leaders say extra security has been added and they're committed to campus safety.